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24 feb 2022

Desinformationsnumret: Ledare: Fritt fram för falska fakta/ Reportage: Hur skyddas demokratin mot konspirationsteorierna? / Intervju: Medieforskaren Emily Bell om sociala mediernas ansvar / Nedslag: Fejkprojektet som ingen upptäckte / Essä: Vådan av blind källtillit till myndighetsinformation

Senaste nytt


ESSAY: Librarians have responsibilities in these times

Global tensions with war, economic instability, climate threats – in addition to internal challenges. But a historical review shows that even in past crises IFLA has managed to maintain free research and truth, as well as access to information and freedom of expression, writes former IFLA president Alex Byrne.

28 nov 2022 • 7 min


Fear. Illness. Silence.

REPORTAGE What is happening within IFLA? In search of answers, journalist Lisa Bjurwald travelled to The Hague, where IFLA’s headquarters are located. She found a culture of silence and an organisation that lacks confidence in its leaders.

28 nov 2022 • 13 min


Closed doors damage trust

SURVEY Limited transparency and poor communication. Biblioteksbladet’s survey shows that the turbulence is raising questions among IFLA members in Sweden.

28 nov 2022 • 5 min